A downloadable game

Smash your finger through an endless stream of gates earning medals along the way!

Sounds simple? And so it would seem at first, but each gate you pass increases the speed. Suddenly your heart's racing as gate after endless gate flies by as you narrowly miss them until BOOM! You hit a wall, but that's not the end! You can, if you wish, take a minute, relax and watch an ad before jumping right back where you left off and start the whole experience over again.


★ Easy Mode
Start slow and speed up with every gate you hit!

★ Hard Mode
Jump right into the action at the fastest speed!

★ Fresh Backgrounds
Background colour changes every 100 points!

★ Collectible Medals
Challenge yourself to collect all 16 medals!

★ Leaderboards
Compete for the best score!

★ Score Sharing
Share the moment you hit that epic high score!

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